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Materialtester, Tribometer

Bridging the Gap
Bridgingthe Gap
symbolises the bridging the gap between nano and macro measuring technology in the field of test systems for mechanical values.

The automatised test systems made by TETRA allow scientists worldwide to enter new territories of the macro and nano world.
Measuring platforms with adaptable 2D force sensors are available for examinations of mechanical properties of surfaces and materials. 
By the combination of exchangeable modules (movement patterns, force ranges) it is possible to run various experiments manually or automatically. Customised solutions for extended force ranges, vacuum applications and measurement of geometrical characteristics completing the product line. We offer special software modules and customised solutions for various test tasks, as e. g. for friction/wear, indentation, scratch resistance, adhesion or mechanical profile.

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Tetra – Antriebe

Nano to Macro 
describes the positioning range for planar positioningsystems (PPS). Resolutions down to the nanometer range with exclusive dynamic motionparameters a reachieved by using a worldwide unique drive technology. The novel two dimensional drivestructure with a very flat architecture obtains an accuracy of a path better than one micrometer. The advances of these positioningsystems mainly take effect in the precision processing (e. g. lasercutting equipment, micro assembling) and the precision measuring technique (coordinate measuringequipment). A modern controlling architecture allows a simple customised systemintegration.

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