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Digital Cameras

KAPPA Digital Cameras
Our digital cameras are built upon variable camera electronics and advanced circuitry, yet at the same time they are extremely rugged and provide excellent signal quality. You have a choice of monochrome or color cameras, CCD or CMOS sensors with megapixel resolution from Sony, Kodak and Aptina; and GigE Vision, CameraLink, FireWire or USB interfaces. The cameras come either as ready-to-use systems fully equipped with the control software KCC, or as high-performance basic cameras. With our detailed SDKs all digital cameras can be easily integrated into specific environments, e.g., measuring and testing machines.


Zelos-02150 GV
High Definition Kamera mit GigE Vision
Kappa introduces a new vision camera based on our modular high-performance platform with 14-bit digitization. The first model, the Zelos-02150 has a GigE Vision interface and offers a resolution of 1920 x 1080p and a frame rate of up to 30 fps.

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Zelos-02150 GV

Video cameras

Argon SDC 212 C, Rugged Video Camera, Color 
with Auto Iris Control
Argon SDC 212C cameras are fitted with 1/2“ CCD sensors with a resolution of 752 x 582 pixels (PAL) or 768 x 494 pixels (NTSC). As an option, the sensors are also available with EXview HAD technology with higher sensitivity

Argon SDC 212 C

Color Camera Family CF 112, CF 113 and CF 114 
Economically priced, compact cameras 
These cameras are equipped with 1/2“, 1/3“ or 1/4" CCD sensors and offer full video resolution at 752 x 582 pixel (PAL) or 768 x 494 pixel (NTSC). Equipped with a C-Mount and a one cable connection this all-round camera can be used in endo-, macro- and microscopy.

Color Camera Family CF 112
Color Camera Family CF 112

Argon SDC 312M: Rugged Video Cameras, monochrome 
Maximum ruggedness.
Argon SDC 312M cameras are fitted with 1/2“ CCD sensors. As an option, the sensors are also available with enhanced sensitivity in the near-infrared (NIR) range of the spectrum. The cameras feature full video resolution, 12-bit digital signal processing and comprehensive signal processing functions.

Argon SDC 312M: Rugged Video Cameras

Monochrome System CF 8/5 MX
More image details for QA tasks
CCD Sensor: 1/2" interline, 752 x 582 pixel
Sensitivity: .,003 lx (NIR, max gain)
System: 12-bit DSP
Signal-to-noise ratio: > 58 dB
Inerfaces/signal outputs: composite, RS 232
Synchronization: Int.l/ext., restart/reset
Dimensions: 76x50x40 mm

Monochrome System CF 8/5 MX

CF 8 HS Low Light Level Camera 
New Kappa Camera with 0.00047 Lux
The sensitivity of the new 12-bit b/w-camera CF 8 HS is extremely high. A high-sensitive sensor in combination with intelligent low-noise circuits raise the sensitivity by 400%.

CF 8 HS Low Light Level Camera

NVS, Night Vision System 24/7 surveillance
0.00047 Lux, automatically controlled lens
With a verified minimum illumination of 0.00047 lx, the Kappa NVS is one of the most light-sensitive cameras on the security market. Maximum light sensitivity and 24 LEDs give you a clear view at night.

NVS, Night Vision System 24/7 surveillance

X-RAY cameras

Kappa Digital X-Ray Camera Modules 
In the development of X-ray cameras; Kappa focuses on low-noise highly linear signal processing. The electronic design places emphasis on modularity regarding the selection of different sensors, interfaces and array of functions. Kappa offers here a product concept with a low profile single board PCB layout for perfect integration. Easy adaptation and integration into X-ray devices, such as X-ray sources (continuous or pulsed), image intensifiers, C-arms and NDT analyzers make the Kappa X-ray cameras perfect for a wide range of OEM applications.

Portfolio X-Ray Cameras, Wide performance array, for medical and industrial, X-ray imaging 
The Kappa X-ray camera modules offer 30 frames per second with low-noise, 14-bit digitization, a resolution of 1024 x 1024 pixels and a choice of image and data interfaces (GigE Vision, Camera Link, RS 644 and digital I/O via optocoupler). The brilliant visualization of even the smallest low-contrast details is the result of extensive real-time signal processing functions. These include bad pixel correction, frame on demand, circular blanking, shading correction, gamma correction, edge enhancement, negative image, background image subtraction and recursive filter with auto motion control. The X-ray cameras also provide controls for a motorized iris and an ND filter. The high-performance interface GigE Vision offers the perfect blend of high transfer rates (Gbit/s), economic PC interface, economic cabling with thin CAT5e cables (up to 100 m) and a standardized, user-friendly communication protocol.

Kappa Digital X-Ray Camera Modules

KAPPA software

Kappa Software 
Kappa offers you a choice of standardized software for camera control as well as for measuring and archiving tasks. We program specific software for image processing projects and we also help you program interfaces should you wish to use our cameras with third-party software.

For all our digital cameras we offer a free high-powerful software development kit (sdk). For integrators and OEM partners this opens up endless possibilities for the integration of digital Kappa cameras.

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